Thursday, December 14, 2017

Ultra Violet Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year

Ultra Violet

In 2016 Pantone could not decide between one color, but chose 2- Rose Quartz and Serenity.  These 2 colors became the go to color for bride's maids.  Two years later we are seeing the influence of Rose Quartz in just about everything.  Labeled Millennial Pink, this color is taking off every where.  The color is featured in Target's new line of furniture Project 62 as well as Nate Burkus.  One can find this soft pastel in house wears also.  Take a shopping trip to Macy's and the color is everywhere in clothing even in young men's.

Last year Pantone selected Greenery as it's 2017 color of the year.  This happy, bright green is also beginning to show up in home accessories.  Designers everywhere were drooling over lush green velvet sofas that appeared at the furniture markets this year.

For 2018 Pantone's color of the year is Ultra Violet.  If things hold true, expect an array of purple in accessories and fashion to begin to appear with in the next 2 years.  Once the color of royalty it is now available for all of us to use and enjoy.

Happy Holidays!   We are here if you need us!

With love The Staging Dezigner

Sunday, November 12, 2017

It is Only Ten Percent!

              As a stager I am one of the 10% of individuals the can see the potential in a space.  I can visualize what a room could look like with different furniture or furniture placement, new paint color and accessories.  Unfortunately most buyers in the housing market are in the 90%.  Unless a house is a perfect and welcoming space that tugs at their emotions, that property goes on the "I don't want to see it list."   Also unfortunate for the sellers, usually their real estate agents are also in the 10% and can see all the potential the house has.  Why is this unfortunate?  Because many agents do not recommend staging to their clients!  To avoid upsetting their clients they often do not address the truth that the property may need a stager's touch.
        I recently contact an agent I know about one of her listings that has been on the market for over 120 days.  The property is in a subdivision where houses move at lightening speed.  I viewed the listing photos.  Just like the agent I saw all the potential the home had to offer.  But, unlike the agent I was viewing the house through a buyer's eyes.  The agent told me the house was beautiful and was staged by the home owner who just happened to be an interior designer.  What did I see that buyer's may object to?  Beds that were simply mattresses laying on the floor.  A brightly colored and pattern stair runner that drew your eyes right to it instead of the architectural details of the entry way and stair case.  There was also a very tired looking sofa with out any pillows or throws.  It had been placed in a poor configuration with two over sized chairs. There were little to no accessories.  The exceptions were the 2 dolls in a bedroom, as well as, a very small piece of art over the fireplace.  Also the art piece failed to draw attention to how fabulous the fireplace was.  The kitchen breakfast area was completed with an outdoor wicker chair.
     I attempted to explain to the agent the difference between staging and decorating but, it was to no avail.  She explained to me that my job was to uplift people.  Although I love encouraging people, I would not put that on a description of what a stager should do.  My goal is to get the property sold as quickly as possible for the most money.  So sometimes even when I speak to a client as gently as possible, unfortunately, once in a while I may inadvertently step on some toes. When the seller is offended by one of my comments it is usually because the client has an emotional attachment to whatever it is I am referencing.  But the results are what matter.  When a clients house sells quickly and for the money they wanted or sometimes even more, they will usually forget about what upset them.
     As to the agent that seemed so upset about me suggesting her listing be staged, her pride is getting it the way to best service her client, as well as, herself.  A fellow stager and former real estate agent told me many agent's idea for marketing a property is to simply keep lowering the price until it sells.
 This is only leaving money on the table not only for the seller, but also, for themselves.
     Keep in mind the 90 to 10% rule when selling your property.  Hire a certified stager that can not only see the potential but will address any objections a buyer may have to buying your house.

Before and after of bedroom.                                                             
Room had been previously staged by the listing agent.

   The Staging Dezinger

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tiles with Style

  Are you longing for a gourmet kitchen or spa bath?  Is an update in your future?  Are you selling your home soon?  If you watch any home improvement shows on television one thing you will see the design professionals use is a variety of tile to update back splashes, fireplaces, floors, and bathrooms. The selection today seem endless.  You can go vintage and classic with subway or marble.  Tiles are no longer available with only a smooth texture.  There are numerous varieties to add texture and interest to your space. On a recent visit to the Michigan Design Center, I saw many options from the always beautiful glass tiles in many color options, to patterns, textured, and even tiles made to look like reclaimed barn wood.
 Above is a small sample of what is available.  Make your dreams of the gorgeous kitchen or luxury bath come true.  When your ready contact your design professional to guide you in your transformation.  Or call us at 517 282 5039.

Enjoy  The Staging Dezinger

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Eyes Have It!!

The Eyes Have It !

When it comes to selling your home, experts will tell you a buyer must make an emotional connection with your house before they make an offer.   So how is this done?  A well marketed house will touch all the senses.  It will smell good.  There is no need for baking cookies or using plug in air freshener as long as it smells good and clean.  There will be soft music when entering.  There maybe a treat to eat.   There will be items a buyer may wish to touch such as a fluffy, cozy throw.  Most importantly is how it looks.  Which is why so many buyers want move in ready.
 If you are a fan of Fixer Upper or Property Brothers, you know they show buyers the potential of how the house will look when they finish the renovations.  It's usually then that the buyers will make the connection and fall in love with property.
Most of us do not have a Drew and Jonathon or Chip and Joanne Gaines at our disposal.  However, nearly everyone has access to a real estate staging professional that can help turn a house from drab to fab.  A buyer in less than 30 seconds decide if  your house is on their must see list.   When selling the most important sense a seller will use is VISUAL.  The chart below explains how the brain sees.
Therefore, if you want your property on the must see list, make sure it is visually appealing to buyers.  Remember they do online shopping first.  Staging will put your house on that list.
Love from the Staging Dezinger

Saturday, July 1, 2017

What questions to ask when hiring a stager

What Questions to Ask When Hiring a Stager!

  1. Does the stager hold a certification?
  2. Does the stager carry insurance?
  3. Does the stager have a register business with the state of Michigan?
  4. Does the stager have membership in a national staging organization such as RESA- Real Estate Staging Association?
  5. Does the stager continue to learn and study?
  6. Does your stager know current trends in color and decor?

  Home staging is no longer optional in the real estate market, it is a must.

   Barbara Corcoran

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Magnolia Market Design

The Fixer Upper Look

If you watch HGTV you are probably a fan of chip and Joanna Gaines and their show Fixer Upper. Many visiting the Waco Texas  area make a visit to Magnolia Market.  Joanna's design style is so warm, cozy, and comforting most of us would love to live in one of her well designed homes.  How can you achieve some of that down home look in your home?  There is a new trend in home design called the French flour sack.  It is a series of stripes often off center, ranging in size.  One can find this look almost anywhere.  It's on napkins, chairs, and dishtowels to name a few.  Usually found in reds, navy and black on a white or ivory background.  Add a few touches to your home can cozy up a space.  Happy decorating!  The Staging Dezigner


Friday, May 26, 2017

I Want to Live There

I Want to Live There

Staging your home for sale is meant to evoke emotions so that a buyer can envision living in the house.  Yesterday, I saw this first hand as my two and half year old grandson sat next to me as I was looking at a staging of lakefront home.  My little guy exclaimed "What a beautiful house!  I want to live there."  My grandson actually told me the only thing he wanted to take from his house was his cookie monster hooded towel.
Now if staging can effect a two year old that could n't care less if there are blocks and toys spread from one end of the family room to the other, imagine the impact it has on an actual buyer.

Seller's Market

Today many real estate agents feel that because it is such a hot seller's market that it is unnecessary to stage a property and a waste of money.  Agents in our area are scrambling for listings.  Research shows that the age of today's average buyer is between 28 and 45.  Most of these buyers seek move in ready property.  Move in ready means they do not have to take down wallpaper, paint walls and do a lot of updating. a well staged home can start a bidding war on a home as well as an even quicker sale.

Offers over asking

Recently I spoke with a local real estate agent that got an over of over $70,000 over list price.  How did this happen?  Because this agent knows that simple yet effective updating to kitchens and baths can result in a quicker sale.  Imaging how happy the seller of this property was to receive over list price and over doubling the cost of their investment. 
The buyer was happy too because now they owned a move in ready property which they can enjoy for years with renovating.
On a Facebook group for home stagers there was a stager that staged a home that received a whopping $200,000 over asking.  The buyers were willing to pay this because in a letter to the seller, they said it was the first house they looked at that felt like home.  Their little girl fell in love with "her room."  The wife saw herself sipping tea on the patio.

Leaving money on the table

CEO of the Real Estate Staging Association, Shell  Brodnax, says that many sellers do not see price reductions as losing money since the seller does not consider it  "real money."  However, it can become very real indeed if as a seller, you, invest in professional staging.  Staging is a win for everyone.  Buyers are happy because they have their dream home.  Sellers are happy because a well staged home results in a quicker sale often with bidding wars.  Agents are happy because a beautiful staged home means less marketing budget for the agent and higher commissions.  Stagers are happy because they helped everyone in the process.
Failing to stage a house even in a seller's market is leaving money on the table.  Staging can fit into almost everyone's budget.  Starting with a staging consultation and following recommendations can have a great impact.

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