Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Eyes Have It!!

The Eyes Have It !

When it comes to selling your home, experts will tell you a buyer must make an emotional connection with your house before they make an offer.   So how is this done?  A well marketed house will touch all the senses.  It will smell good.  There is no need for baking cookies or using plug in air freshener as long as it smells good and clean.  There will be soft music when entering.  There maybe a treat to eat.   There will be items a buyer may wish to touch such as a fluffy, cozy throw.  Most importantly is how it looks.  Which is why so many buyers want move in ready.
 If you are a fan of Fixer Upper or Property Brothers, you know they show buyers the potential of how the house will look when they finish the renovations.  It's usually then that the buyers will make the connection and fall in love with property.
Most of us do not have a Drew and Jonathon or Chip and Joanne Gaines at our disposal.  However, nearly everyone has access to a real estate staging professional that can help turn a house from drab to fab.  A buyer in less than 30 seconds decide if  your house is on their must see list.   When selling the most important sense a seller will use is VISUAL.  The chart below explains how the brain sees.
Therefore, if you want your property on the must see list, make sure it is visually appealing to buyers.  Remember they do online shopping first.  Staging will put your house on that list.
Love from the Staging Dezinger